NEW CLIENT: We’re supercharging Premium Lithium’s campaigns!

October 2023

Smart Battery Powerpods. Solar panels. Electric vehicle chargers. Premium Lithium are transforming how consumers use sustainable energy in their homes – and they’ve asked HUB to power their colossal marketing function!

After only a few weeks of pitching and deliberation, Premium Lithium has chosen HUB to deliver all of their marketing activity including branding, PPC, paid and organic social media, press advertising, and a new website design and development.

“Premium Lithium is right on the cusp of taking our business to the next level, and we are confident we have chosen the right marketing agency to fuel this upcoming period of expansion,” said Robert Goodman, head of strategy and growth at Premium Lithium. “We didn’t think it would be possible to find an agency that not only had all the expertise we needed under one roof, but also had the ability to deliver on our initial briefs within a very tight time frame. I am very excited to see how HUB can energise Premium Lithium’s brand and help us realise our vision of providing a sustainable solution to energy independence for everyone.”

But it’s not just their green status that makes Premium Lithium and HUB a match made in heaven – the company has also established its own hardship fund, helping those hit hardest by soaring energy prices to take back control of their energy bills. The Premium Lithium Energy Hardship fund provides £100,000 of Smart Battery Powerpods each month to those most affected both in the UK and in Ukraine.

“Premium Lithium have a brilliant product and a genuinely positive ethos,” said Rob Shaw, CEO of HUB. “Clients like these, who share our values and want to make an impact, are the type of clients who really excite our team. From website design and development to establishing a physical high-street store in York, we are looking forward to supporting every aspect of Premium Lithium’s marketing. I am confident that HUB’s integrated offering will not only help Premium Lithium to transform their brand, but also eclipse their competitors.”

We couldn’t be more chuffed at how this partnership ticks all our boxes. A company that takes pride in doing the right thing? Check. They also think long term? Check. The opportunity for HUB to flex our creative muscles and supercharge the marketing activity of one of the fastest growing green companies in the UK? Check!

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates on our work for Premium Lithium.

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