A new brand to reposition Willowbrook

December 2023

Sitting under the Kingswood Mobility Group umbrella, Willowbrook Mobility Direct has been a key player in the mobility market for years. However, we knew the brand needed a face lift if it wanted to increase market penetration and truly differentiate itself from the competition.

So that’s exactly what HUB’s creative director Simon Pluck pitched to them.

And they loved it. We simplified the brand name to ‘Willowbrook,’ and designed a fresh logo and colour palette that would elevate Willowbrook’s premium positioning within the market to convey high-quality, luxury and trustworthiness.

Now Willowbrook knew they were appealing to a larger audience, they needed the relevant collateral to speak to it. This included website design, press ads, social media – the works.

Most importantly, we translated this new creative platform over to several existing TV sponsorship properties, photography, and TV spot advertising.

An upmarket brand needs the imagery to match, and we used all our expertise in the grey market to communicate Willowbrook’s quality status: rich colours, moody lighting, and plush staging. It was our longest production shoot ever.

We built, dressed, shot and dismantled 37 room sets over four months to capture photography, TV ads and TV idents. From casting calls and storyboarding to retouching and video editing, HUB captured content for over 20 unique products.

The new brand launched in September, and our client couldn’t be happier with the results.

Read more about our TV sponsorship for Kingswood Mobility Group.

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