HUB is Clearcast certified!

March 2024

Making a TV ad is one thing. Getting it approved for broadcast is another.

While we’ve never had an issue getting our clients’ ads aired, we definitely want to make sure we do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible.

That’s why account director Ben Jones and operations manager Dora Papp-Sutcliffe took to ITV Studios this week for a one-day training course delivered by Clearcast themselves!

The IPA-accredited course covered broadcasting guidelines, regulatory bodies, tips, tricks and best practice, and equipped Ben and Dora with the necessary insight to ensure our TV ads are compliant from the moment our story boarders put pen to paper.

“It was great to gain a deeper understanding of broadcasting guidelines and the regulatory bodies that govern both push and pull media outlets,” said Dora. “The course has equipped us with all the tools we need to launch a successful campaign and ensure we receive clearance. Understanding the nuances between objective and subjective claims, and how to substantiate them, means we can be clear from the start about what needs to be done.”

“This is particularly useful in a full-service agency like HUB, where we handle everything from concept to production and media delivery.”

Ben also found the day really insightful.

“It was a brilliant day spent with Clearcast learning more about the organisation, as well as the best way to engage them from pre right through to post-production with ad clearance in mind,” he said. “At HUB, we see multiple campaigns through from conceptualisation to implementation and the training day has improved our knowledge, as an agency, to ensure we engage with Clearcast both appropriately and in a timely manner and, as a result, compliance is met consistently without issue.”

After an intense day of training, Ben and Dora left the course having achieved Distinction awards. So not only do we know our stuff, but now we have the qualifications to prove it!

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