WEBINAR: Understanding Buying Behaviours in Retail

June 2023

Brand-side marketers are under pressure in every industry, but retail in particular comes with a unique need for data and audience insights.

That’s why HUB CEO Rob Shaw joined GO!‘s webinar panel, ‘Investing in Your Customers – Understanding Buying Behaviours in Retail’, last week!

Rob shared his insights on how retailers can better engage their audience, and why brand-side marketers need to be pressuring their agencies to do more of the legwork for them when it comes to data.

On the agenda:

  • The ‘Messy Middle’ – The changing nature of consumer behaviour, buying journeys, and challenges facing retail in 2023
  • Getting started – The options available to in-house marketers when investing in behavioural/data-driven analysis, and what might work for your resource
  • An actionable approach – How to practically translate your efforts into your wider targeting, engagement, and conversion strategy
  • Investing in your customers – Final advice, your questions, and deciding what’s next

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