TV sponsorship supercharges Strachan's end-of-season sale

Fitted libraries. Built-in wall beds. Custom home cinemas. Operating across the UK, Strachan offers luxury bespoke fitted furniture that transforms ordinary spaces into something special.


Broadcast & Press Media Planning & Buying, PPC & Display, Video, TV & Film & Editing


Consumer Goods, Home & Garden


From photography and press ads to a super-scrollable website design, HUB has been executing Strachan’s marketing strategy for well over a decade. The one tool in our arsenal that Strachan hadn’t explored? Our knack for TV and media buying.

So when we spotted an opportunity to get Strachan in front of their primary target audience by sponsoring the Welsh Open on Eurosport, we knew we had to make the process as simple as possible for them – and make it worth their while.

Using Barb (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) figures, we determined the number of sponsorship idents and broadcast frequency we would need to create a optimal cost-per impact for our client. Then we got to work.


With only five days to produce and deliver the assets, our team relied on data and creativity to streamline the process. Our approach was simple. To help us move quickly and minimise costs for our client, we decided against commissioning new photography and videography. Instead, HUB deployed a strategic combination of images with proven rates of conversion and stills from Strachan’s current product range.

Each ident promoted a different product. Bespoke studies. Fitted lounges. Walk-in wardrobes. Everything that was relevant to the target audience.

Most importantly, we created visuals that spoke directly to Strachan’s target audience: 55+ and ABC1. We used imagery of popular products amongst the same demographic, hit the audience with trust signals such as Strachan’s 10-year guarantee, and included a clear CTA with a contact number. For viewers who feel more a home using a phone over a computer mouse, the latter was key. But the strategy didn’t end there.

To top it off, we paired the TV sponsorship and advertising with a robust PPC campaign that directed potential customers to the appropriate landing page – giving Strachan’s brand awareness campaign the best chance of success.

HUB produced and delivered:

  • One 30-second TV advert
  • Eight individual sponsorship idents


The Welsh Open aired on Eurosport from the 13th to the 19th February 2023. And HUB’s decision to sponsor it resulted in a brilliant uplift in brand awareness for Strachan.

8.3m impacts

21.65% increase in website traffic

23.44% increase in new users

12.66% increase in users via paid search

21.64% increase in online brochure requests

10.36% increase in online appointment requests

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